Midnight Espresso

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Fashion Swap

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Jesus Is Worthy

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New Year's Shoot


Midnight Espresso

rebrand, art direction

The Business One :

Hello, I’m Laura! I am a graphic designer with a keen interest in details, lettering, and any project that requires some hands on work. For me, every project starts with a list of notes and “magically” makes its way into image form; you have to love the methods of creativity! It doesn’t matter if you want me to deliver something in a digital or tacticle form. I call myself an enthusiast in the context of design for a reason, I love to learn, so go ahead and ask me to do something! I’ll tackle it with all my might!

The Personality One :

I’m an extrovert who dabbles in the realm of introverts. Eclectic is a most appropriate way to describe me, although I have my preferences and I like things to at least be in some semblance of a state of order. Memes are wonderful; the humour section of Pinterest was made for late night scrolling and marvelling over the brilliance of humanity. I love to laugh and bond and throw parties like I’m living life in the 1940’s.

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